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Our Story

Doctor Suan Tan Camden Medical Dermstetiq

MEI is a skincare line developed by Dr Tan Hui Suan who trained in the prestigious Medical School in Manchester and Cambridge, United Kingdom. She is currently practicing as a certified Aesthetic Doctor under the Ministry of Health Singapore.

While practicing as a medical doctor for more than 10 years, both in the United Kingdom and Singapore, Dr Tan had salvaged the skins of many patients who suffered from skin irritation, dryness, allergy and infection as a result of using products which were unsuitable or too harsh for their skins.

She realized these patients were either not properly advised or presented with insufficient facts from their beauticians and beauty companies, to make a well-informed decision. 


Through such a trial and error process, these patients can only hope to find the right product to reverse all the damages.


Being an Asian herself, Dr Tan had endured a period of anguish from using the wrong skincare products in the market which are predominantly International brands and could relate to the feelings of distress, self-doubt and low self-esteem suffered by her patients.


It is this burning desire to genuinely help her patients that propelled Dr Tan to start her own clinical skincare line Mei, specially curated to suit the type and texture of Asian skin in mind.

Our Mission

We are a strong advocate of #women empowerment and clean clinical skincare.


We believe every woman deserves to feel confident in her skin and this can be achieved by a proper skincare routine. As every skin is different and there are not enough tailored skin products in the market, we aim to provide the best clinical skincare for Asian skin worldwide.


All our products are formulated using high-quality clinical active ingredients and target specific skin concerns.


Our mission is to provide optimal skincare that are safe and effective to bring out the best in all Asian women, in their most natural self, giving them the outer confidence and beautiful skin they desire to realise their full potential in life.